Almost Live | Artificial Things

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 6:30 pm Pacific Time via Zoom
Artificial Things is an award-winning dance film from Stopgap Dance Company in the UK.
Filmed on location in a derelict suburban shopping mall and featuring an ensemble of disabled and non-disabled dancers, the film is a re-imagining of the stage work of the same name. 
Artificial Things won the prestigious Dance Screen award in the category of Screen Choreography Over 15 minutes in 2019. This film’s cinematic vision speaks to the depth of human experience through the metaphor of a supermarket. The jury responded to the strength of the ensemble and a non-hierarchical vision of corporeal expression.
Audio description provided by Rationale Method. The chosen aesthetic of the audio description is Poetic/Dynamic, which combines poetic text with dynamic vocal delivery to bring added excitement to the listener. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the work of these talented performers and describers.

The VocalEye virtual lobby opens at 6:30 pm Pacific Time for some pre-show mingling with host Amy Amantea. The pre-show introduction will begin at 6:45 pm. The presentation begins at 7 pm and will be followed by Amy’s interview with the Rationale Method founder Nathan Geering and audio describer Mo Pickering-Symes. Total running time is approximately 60 minutes. Join us afterward for further discussion and a prize draw.

Register for your VocalEye Zoom invitation by contacting or call 604-364-5949. Please let us know where you’re from and if you identify as a member of the blind/partially sighted community or as a sighted supporter. This one-time registration will give you access to all upcoming Virtual VocalEye events.

“Artificial Things boldly underlines what we are all yearning for at this moment: the power of physical human connection.” Disability Arts Online