Community Services

Members of the Blind Community are welcome to attend any live described event. Headsets are provided free of charge.

VocalEye users are also eligible for additional live event services:

Online Zoom events are free and open to all (registration required).

Event details are included in each event listing and in our newsletters.

Partner Services

Live Events

VocalEye’s services are tailored to meet the needs of the event while also meeting the needs of blind and partially sighted audience members. Contact us for a free consultation to determine the services that are best suited to your event.

Online Partnerships

We partner with arts organizations, collectives and individual artists to make recent projects more accessible online through our Almost Live Zoom program. Some examples include:

  • Audio described theatre performance (video recording)
  • Audio described dance performance (video recording)
  • Disability Arts showcase
  • Described film screening
  • Descriptive visual art tour
  • Storytelling
  • Festival highlights
  • Audio plays
  • Live readings of published work
  • Opera highlights
  • Creative access experiments

If you have an arts and culture project you’d like to share online with the blind community, please contact us.

Descriptive Video

We specialize in describing videos of live performances and other events at special rates for our non-profit arts partners and community artists. Please contact us for a quote.

Professional Development

For describers, access providers, users and anyone interested in making arts and culture more accessible.

  • Monthly Describer Cafés
  • Sighted Guide Basic Training
  • Audio Description Training
  • Workshops
  • Mentorship
  • Consultation