Excellent performance in a beautiful setting! I will definitely go to another TUTS performance next summer. I love the newsletter… very informative. Thanks for all the work you put into that resource.

M. N. (Hairspray at TUTS)

It was a truly fabulous experience. I have never been to parade before and I never had an interest in parades until now. Every time they mentioned “inclusion” I found myself tearing up a bit. I didn’t realize how much it would mean for me to feel “included” at an event like this and what a difference the description makes. Thank you to all of you for making this possible!

S. H. (Vancouver Pride Parade)

The description was great, and it made all the difference. In fact, the audio description was what made us decide to go, and otherwise, I’m sure we wouldn’t have bothered.

T. D. (Vancouver Pride Parade)

For me this was the best pride I have ever experience so far. The audio description was excellent as usual. Even though there was so much going on, I don’t think I missed very much of the textures and sites of the parade that my sighted friends who attended experienced themselves. Although a tactile tour would be a welcome addition, I don’t think it is absolutely necessary. The Pride society and the funders should be commended for their commitment to continue to improve and refine the accessibility to the pride festival and parade for people with disabilities and more specifically people who are blind or partially sighted.

R. M. (Vancouver Pride Parade)

A big thank you goes to Vocal Eye and the Vancouver Pride Society for making this experience possible. I never attended the pride parade in the past because it was so crowded and there were so many visual elements that I could not fully understand or appreciate even if a friend or family member was to describe things for me.

The venue was very comfortable for me and my guide dog, and the Vocal Eye buddies and Pride Society volunteers were incredibly welcoming and helpful. Also, the detailed live audio description provided by Rick and Terry resulted in a very fun and enjoyable afternoon, and I truly felt as though I could celebrate pride along with all of the other attendees.

I will definitely come out next year if this service is offered again, and I will encourage others with vision loss to take part as well.

T. G. (Vancouver Pride Parade)

Lots of good info in the newsletters and I love having the song sheets, helps me to keep track of where I am. Also like it when the name of the character, singing the song, is mentioned. Keep up the excellent work and thank you to everyone concerned!

R. V. (Les Misérables)

It was great attending this milestone production & the performance was terrific. Thank you for all of your hard work & all of the things you do for us including the informative newsletters, & for the great describers. Rick did a great job of this lengthy play.

D. P. (Les Misérables)

This was my first experience of the descriptive VocalEye concept and it definitely added to my theatre experience. It was great giving my wife info about the play rather than her telling me.

D. B. (Les Misérables)

It is a tribute to you and the hard working staff and volunteers who made the 100 described shows possible. You took the initiative with Vocal Eye and look what it has developed into for blind and visually impaired persons for the lower mainland. As per usual, the described performance of Les Miserables was great. What a difference from the first time I saw Les Miz at the Q.E theater some 20 years ago without audio description. No comparison!

T. T. (Les Misérables)

Last Sunday, I attended the subject production and almost dreaded going. Although I do have some peripheral vision it is not enough to enjoy or even understand most musicals and was aware that Les Miserables is complicated in so many ways if there is loss of vision.

I was aware that there was Vocal Eye and expected to make it much easier for me. I have seen two musicals in the U.S. and found the descriptions helpful but was surprised at how much better Vocal Eye is.

The ear piece is extremely comfortable compared to the head sets I wore before. The sound is very, very clear and the describer, Rick was excellent. Just enough description without interfering with the music. He narrated all the characters just before the curtain rose and during the performance, came in at the perfect time without interfering in any way.

I went with my daughter and would go again with or without someone and look forward to the next production with Vocal Eye.

P. C. (Les Misérables)