The girl in the India dress is enjoying the colorful powder in the Holi festival India.

Almost Live #94 | Indian Summer Festival Highlights 2022

Wednesday July 27, 2022 at 6:30 pm Pacific Time online Zoom

We’re thrilled to present highlights from one of our favourite summer festivals! The theme for this year’s Indian Summer Festival 2022 is Inner/Outer Climates. The full line up includes some of the world’s most powerful thinkers on climate change and social justice, a 2022 Grammy Award-winning musician, a boundary-pushing dance performance, a science-meets-art experience that brings you music from mushrooms, doctors and healers forging new pathways in the complex art of healing, award-winning filmmakers, sitar maestros, tabla wizards, brass bands, human-animal hip hop collaborations, outdoor art installations, Indigenous and South Asian DJs reclaiming their languages while making new ones.

Join host Amy Amantea and special guests for a small taste of this art-filled buffet!

The VocalEye virtual lobby opens at 6:30 pm Pacific Time for some socializing and community updates with host Amy Amantea. The pre-show introduction will begin at 6:45 pm with Amy and guests. The featured show begins at 7 pm followed by conversation, Q and A and a prize draw. 

If you’ve never attended a VocalEye Almost Live Zoom event before, you can register for just one event or sign up for the full season. A Zoom link and reminder will be sent to you on the day of the event. Almost Live events are designed for people with sight loss, but everyone is welcome. 

Register here or call 604-364-5949

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“There’s not another event like it on the summer calendar in Vancouver” – The Georgia Straight