Almost Live | My Mother’s Story

Special Mother's Day Matinee! Sunday May 9, 2021 at 1:30 pm Pacific Time via Zoom

A special treat for Mother’s Day!

Join us for an afternoon that celebrates the lives of four mothers as told by their daughters. These true stories about real mothers will be read by Vancouver performers and moderated by the creator of the project, Marilyn Norry.
Marilyn Norry will read Helen Whittle’s mothers story
Eileen Barrett will read her own mothers story
Donna Soares will read Sandra Crawford’s mothers story
Chief Janice George will read her own mother’s story
In 2004, performer and writer, Marilyn Norry sent a challenge to women actors in Vancouver Canada: write the facts of your mother’s life, just the facts, from beginning to end. The response was extraordinary, spawning workshops and performances across the country and around the world.
That was the start of My Mother’s Story, now a worldwide campaign to empower both women and men to see their mothers as women in their times — accomplishing goals, witnessing history, surviving as well as they could. These are the extraordinary stories of ordinary women that tell the truth of how women of the 20th century truly lived. Writing about your mother in this way contributes to a collective history where women are seen as well as heard.
VocalEye will be hosting a Mother’s Story workshop with Marilyn for members of the blind community later this year. We hope this special Mother’s Day event will inspire you to sign up for this free workshop and to write your mother’s story!

The VocalEye virtual lobby opens at 1:30 pm Pacific Time for some socializing and community updates with host Amy Amantea. The pre-show introduction will begin at 1:45 pm with Amy and special guest Marilyn Norry. The show begins at 2 pm with a running time of approximately 60 minutes, followed by conversation and a prize draw from Murchie’s Tea