Gone Fishing Sign Written On A Wooden Board Hanging On A Tree Over An English Lake.

Almost Live Season Break

We'll be back September 22, 2021!

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us for this season’s Almost Live events and for being a part of this beautiful online community!

A big shout out to the fabulous guests, artists, and organizations who have shared their stories, talents and art with us and to the VocalEye Zoom Team for their amazing teamwork each week.

We’re committed to continuing our Almost Live Zoom programming through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for news about our upcoming season of accessible online arts events starting September 22, plus VocalEye’s return to live described events with our partners at the Arts Club Theatre Company later this year.

And…. In case you missed out, you can find recordings of many previous Almost Live events, virtual tours and guest interviews on the VocalEye YouTube Channel. Our In Case You Missed It page includes additional links to content that we couldn’t include due to copyright that’s still available to watch.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your summer and we’ll see you in September!