the United States border with Mexico near Algodones with a metal fence barrier

Anywhere But Here | Electric Company

Described on Saturday Feb 8, 2020 at 2 pm | Touch Tour at 1 pm at the Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton St, Vancouver | 604-253-4222 | Map

Electric Company Theatre presents the world premiere of a play by Carmen Aguirre with raps by Shad Kabango, part of the 2020 Push Festival. Tickets are $19.99 for VocalEye users. Please call 604-253-4222 to purchase.

Join the creators for a pre-show introduction and Touch Tour at 1 pm. 

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Described by Rick Waines

It’s 2020 at the US/Mexico border in Trump’s America.

In 1979, a family drives back towards Chile from Canada. With past, present, and future encircling their journey, this profoundly poetic story is about the universal quest for home – in whatever form that takes.

A spellbinding blend of dark comedy and magical realism, Anywhere But Here is a vibrant celebration of Latinx theatre, with music and raps by Shad, that chronicles the many paths, real and imagined, we take to discover the truth — the truth about who we are, and where we may be headed.

Telling an engrossing story that intersects multiple timelines and spaces, Anywhere But Here introduces us to a host of fantastical characters who have experienced the pull of home, the ache of displacement, and the harsh realities of the border as they attempt to cross, guard, or survive it.

Show trailer (video)