Avenue Q

Described on Tuesday December 6, 2016 at 7:30 pm at the Arts Club Granville Island, 1585 Johnston Street, Vancouver | 604-687-1644 | Map

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Described by Teri Snelgrove.

How often does Teri get to describe puppet sex? Not often enough! And while puppet sex is always fun, it’s not the only thing that we love, love, love about this show. To quote the director, Peter Jorgensen:

“There are so many great things in the show: the music, the lyrics, the story… But for me it’s the heart—the beautiful, furry heart of Avenue Q that makes it worthwhile.” 

Although this show contains puppets inspired by Sesame Street, it’s not for children (did I mention, “puppet sex”?).


VocalEye users will get the opportunity to meet and touch some of the puppets after the show and find out how they are constructed and used by the actors.

There are 3 actors who play human characters, and five puppeteers play 9 puppet characters.


Princeton is a recent college grad in his early twenties (puppet)
Kate Monster is a kindergarten teaching assistant in her late twenties (puppet)
Brian is a laid back guy chubby man in his thirties who lives with his girlfriend, Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve is Brian’s Japanese girlfriend in her late 20’s.
Nicky is a bit of a slacker in his late twenties (puppet)
Rod is Nicky’s roommate and a 30 year old Republican Investment banker (puppet)
Gary Coleman is the superintendent of the apartment buildings and wears his hair in an 8” afro.
Trekkie Monster is tall, furry and addicted to the internet (puppet)
Lucy is a burlesque singer, in her thirties (puppet)
The Bad Idea Bears are two cute teddy bears who put ideas in Princeton’s head (puppets)
Mrs. Thistletwat is Kate’s boss, in her sixties (puppet)


“You aren’t likely to find a more solid, satisfying and well-produced show in Vancouver this holiday season. “Avenue Q” at The Arts Club on Granville Island is hilarious and dirty and sentimental. It’s a gentle story about young adults who must find their ways after college. The show floats on a sea of good humour; even the trashy parts.”Huffington Post (2014)

“It’s a winner. The Arts Club’s production of Avenue Q, a sort of R-rated version of Sesame Street, gets everything right. Avenue Q’s story line revolves around the lives and loves of a group of neighbours on a sketchy street. Among the unemployed and disillusioned are Princeton, fresh out of college and looking for a purpose in life; kindergarten teacher Monster Kate, a passionate advocate for “people of fur”; and best-friend roomies Nicky and Rod (obviously inspired by Ernie and Bert). Like the ones on Sesame Street, these puppet characters interact with humans, but nobody’s here to dish up well-intentioned platitudes about how everyone is special. The play announces its agenda—and its high musical standards—in the first big number, “It Sucks to Be Me”. That [creators] Lopez and Marx are affectionately giving the finger to political correctness is evident from the song titles alone—“Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist”, “The Internet Is for Porn”, “Schadenfreude”—but you have to see the show to know just how gleefully they do it, and how much fun it is to watch.”The Georgia Straight (2013)


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