The Children’s Republic

Described on Sunday October 1, 2017 at 2 pm at the Belfry Theatre, 1291 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria | 250-385-6815 | Map

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This performance will be followed by a Touch Tour.

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Described by Rick Waines.

Written by Hannah Moscovitch
Directed by Christian Barry

The Children’s Republic is based on the true and inspirational tale of Dr. Janusz Korczak, a selfless advocate for children’s rights. In the Jewish Orphanage, confined within the walls of the Warsaw ghetto, Korczak struggles to protect the children, and save them from the horrors of World War II. A powerful and true story of beauty and heroism in a world devoid of freedom and the necessities of life.

“Hannah Moscovitch is one of the world’s great writers – and this is an exceptionally beautiful play.” -Michael Shamata, Belfry Artistic Director


“It’s not often that central characters written for children and teens are actually played by actors of an appropriate age—it’s a treat to experience the different emotional ranges between them and the adults.  The young cast brings incredible purity and vulnerability to these demanding roles, with each being given their own moment to shine. “Janis Lacouvee

“Another of this beautifully designed production’s creative hallmarks is the onstage presence of Sari Alesh, a Syrian refugee and professional musician whose haunting violin music underscores the drama and echoes Sara’s simulated violin-playing.”Times Colonist


Interview with the playwright, Hannah Moscovitch