Circle Game

Described on Saturday March 2, 2019 at 4 pm at the Surrey Arts Centre, 13750 88 Avenue, Surrey | 604-501-5566 | Map

The Arts Club on Tour comes to Surrey!

Tickets are $29 for VocalEye users, while they last. Please call the Box Office to purchase at 604-501-5566 

Running time is 2 hours including intermission.

Described by Eileen Barrett

Original Music and Lyrics by Joni Mitchell
New Musical Arrangements by Andrew Cohen

Created & directed by Andrew Cohen & Anna Kuman

One of the most influential recording artists of the late 20th century, Joni Mitchell has often reflected on social and environmental ideals through her music. Circle Game reinterprets Mitchell’s iconic songs such as “Big Yellow Taxi,” “River,” “California,” and “A Case of You” through the ears and eyes of a new generation, connecting to the politics and world we know today.

The action takes place in a ‘found space’ basement-like recording studio.


An activist with the ephemeral sex appeal of a young Mick Jagger. Although he has found success, he weighs this against its price. He is looking to make true connections in this tech-addicted world. Instruments: Acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, trumpet, cajon, loop pedal, auxiliary percussion
Flowers in her long, flowing hair. Bubbly and bright with promise and innocence. Desperately wishes to overcome her timidity. A secret in her past keeps her from allowing herself to love again.
Instruments: Piano, violin, ukulele, melodica, auxiliary percussion
Slightly nerdy in an ironic way; calculated; hesitant. He sees the world in black and white and as a result, he is removed – watching what he wish he could be doing.
Instruments: Piano, auxiliary percussion
A captivating train wreck. She can call everyone out on their hang-ups but is afraid to show her true self – and express her feelings for Adriana.
Instruments: Acoustic and electric guitar, auxiliary percussion
A hopeless romantic, he believes the best in others to his own detriment. He wants a partner to build a life with.
Instruments: Acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums (snare and kit), harmonica, cajon, melodica, beatboxing, auxiliary percussion
A feminist infused with a powerful wanderlust. She wants intimacy and independence but wonders if the two can co-exist.
Instruments: Piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, auxiliary percussion


CIRCLE GAME-Song List (Word doc)