Crowd Source | Ithaca Murals

a 6 week project launching August 21, 2023

Join the Crowder, Ithaca NY Edition!

VocalEye is excited to host our first satellite Crowd-Sourced Description Project with Ithaca Murals!

CROWDER definition: a diverse group of describers who provide visual details and personal impressions of the same artwork from their own unique point of view. Their descriptions are combined to create a verbal collage of perspectives that can be communicated to people who are blind, partially blind or sighted, providing a rich, multi-layered understanding and experience of the artwork.

Background: VocalEye’s Crowd-Sourced Description project is all about making public art more accessible for people who are blind and partially sighted. Our first Crowder featured famous paintings requested by community members. Last year’s Crowder featured murals from the Vancouver Mural Festival. Over the course of three months, we showcased a total of 26 murals from a wide range of talented artists. We received descriptions for all 26 murals from one Volunteer Describer named Lucy Jiang. Lucy was so enthusiastic about this project, that she wanted to bring it to her new home in Ithaca, New York, where she is pursuing her PhD at Cornell University. She connected us with Ithaca Murals and our first satellite Crowder was born!

VocalEye Crowd Source Description Project

Help us make Ithaca Murals more accessible for people who are blind and partially sighted by sharing your own unique perspective. No experience or research needed!

You’ll have the opportunity to describe up to 12 different murals over a 6 week period.

We just want to know 2 things:

  1. what you see in the mural
  2. how it makes you feel

We’ll showcase 2 murals each week for 6 weeks.

Describe as many murals as you like.

Each description will enter you in our prize draw (the more murals you describe, the more chances you have to win)!

How to participate:

  1. complete the Google Form posted here each week
  2. if the form is not accessible, use the image link to view the murals and email your descriptions to
  3. sign up to receive the forms in your inbox each week by emailing
  4. follow us on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter for #MuralMonday

Join any time and describe the murals of your choice from any week. Deadline to submit is September 30, 2023 has been extended to Oct 15, 2023!

The most popular murals from this project will be showcased with their Crowder descriptions on VocalEye’s Almost Live Zoom event in January 2024.


Week 1 – Ithaca Google Form
Week 1 – Ithaca Images

Week 2 – Ithaca Google Form
Week 2 – Ithaca Images

Week 3 – Ithaca Google Form
Week 3 – Ithaca Images

Week 4 – Ithaca Google Form
Week 4 – Ithaca Images

Week 5 – Ithaca Google Form
Week 5 – Ithaca Images

Week 6 – Ithaca Google Form
Week 6 – Ithaca Images

All 6 weeks on one form, plus bonus images

Ithaca Murals is a network of people transforming gray walls into beautiful, meaningful works of art that tell the stories of the diverse people who live there. Ithaca Murals was founded by Caleb Thomas in 2008 with the purpose of community building. Ithaca Murals prioritizes the leadership of people of colour, under-employed and working class people, people with jail experience, women, LGBTQ+ community members, youth, and anyone who is passionate about justice.

“In 2009 there were about 15 mural locations in Ithaca.  Today there are over 300 and the numbers are continuing to snowball.” 

In-Person Descriptive Walking Tour | Ithaca, New York | led by Lucy Jiang and Caleb Thomas

Discover a selection of murals in Ithaca in this free, accessible walking tour!
Featuring crowd sourced descriptions from the Crowder: Ithaca, NY Edition project. Led by Ithaca Murals founder and director Caleb Thomas and Cornell graduate student Lucy Jiang, with descriptions provided by VocalEye, each tour will showcase approximately half a dozen murals near and along the Ithaca Commons.

Sunday, October 15 from 1 – 2:30 PM AND
Saturday, October 28 from 10 – 11:30 AM


Participants will meet up at Dewitt Park. The tours will last approximately 75 to 90 minutes, depending on the pace of the group. Tours are free to attend, but registration is required. For further information about the tour, meetup, or accessibility, please contact Lucy Jiang at


There is no such thing as a “perfect” description of anything. Your super power is your own unique point of view.

Remember: No one looks at the world the way you do.

Whatever level of vision you have, tell us what you see, how you see the image. Pay attention to your first response. Does an image, memory or association come to mind? A feeling or sensation?

Slow Looking: perfect for longer descriptions on the Google Form. Pay attention to your first impressions and notice what draws your attention. Jot down words or phrases that come to mind. What details stand out for you? What’s compelling or confusing? Notice colour, shape, texture and subject matter. What does the artwork convey to you? What story does it tell? What emotions, thoughts, sensations, memories, associations or questions arise? Does the title influence your perception or interpretation? These are just prompts. Please follow your own attention and impulses as you “get to know” the artwork. Describe what you notice visually and then tell us about your personal response.

Fast Looking: perfect for short and snappy descriptions on social media. Notice the visual content. What jumps out at you? What pulls you in? Notice your initial responses to the artwork. What emotion, thought, sensation, memory, association or question arises? Use one or two sentences each for the visual description and for your personal response.


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