Describer Cafe #39

Friday June 28, 2024 at 11 am Pacific Time

Luminato Festival: Describing Outside of the Box

Special Guest: Christine Malec

Hosted by Amy Amantea

Joining Amy this month is Christine Malec, a co-host of the Radio Lumi podcast and member of Toronto’s blind community. Christine will share the exciting developments in audio description and access at this year’s Luminato Festival, which runs from June 5 to June 16, 2024.

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Christine Malec is a member of Toronto’s blind community who works to help arts and science organizations make their content more accessible to people who are blind or low vision. She offers music and education groups for blind adults through the CNIB Foundation, hosts a monthly segment on Accessible Media Incorporated’s Kelly and Ramya, is co-host of the Talk Description to Me and Radio Lumi podcasts, and she works with Audio Describers as a consultant for live productions and science-based image descriptions. She’s also a musician, and can be heard singing her heart out in the Toronto Subway System.

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