Tuesday April 21, 2015 at 7:30 PM Arts Club Granville Island, 1585 Johnston St. 604-687-1644 | Map

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Written by Vancouver playwright, Aaron Bushkowsky, FAREWELL, MY LOVELY is the first stage adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s 1940’s novel. The action takes place in Los Angeles with private detective, Philip Marlowe and all the crooks, dames, smoking guns, crystal balls and dead bodies you’d expect to find in this classic hard-boiled film-noir thriller.

There’s a terrific romance and melancholy and wit in the writing, delivered with stellar acumen by the entire cast” –Calgary Herald (with clips from the show)

Genuine humour and wit is built into the script at every turn with Graham Percy’s Philip Marlowe leading the way by confiding in the audience, turning his keen observations into little jokes. At intermission, I’d almost forgotten what it was that Marlowe was trying to uncover, discover or recover but I didn’t care because I’d had so much fun with the great noir characters Percy and his co-stars had created. By the end, Percy’s Marlowe is battered, beaten and bruised but the women still can’t resist him and what a collection of dames we have in Lucia Frangione, Emma Slipp and Jamie Konchak. Frangione is the former torch singer, former mob wife and former beauty who washes her tears with booze and Frangione is all guts, drunken glory and desperation. Konchak’s society wife oozes predatory sex and unfulfilled passions as she weaves her webs of deceit but we’re never quite sure if she’s the fly or the spider. Percy’s Marlowe meets his match in Slipp’s self-styled detective’s helper who raises ours and Marlowe’s suspicions by knowing too much about the cases he’s working and always seems to appear just when his life is in danger. Is it coincidence, contrivance or calculation?” -Calgary Sun

It’s stylish. It’s slick. It’s sexy. In short, it’s a must see.” -Fast Forward Weekly