In a Blue Moon

Described on Saturday January 23, 2016 at 4 PM at the Surrey Arts Centre, 13750 88 Avenue, Surrey | 604-501-5566 | Map

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Described by Ingrid Turk.

Running time is 2 hours including intermission.

A visually beautiful tale about creating a new life in a new landscape. When Ava and her daughter, Frankie, move to an inherited farmhouse near Kamloops, they discover that Ava’s late husband’s brother is already living there. What starts as a tense relationship develops in unexpected ways as Frankie finds a role model in her uncle and Ava grows attached to the companionship of this other man. Through memories and photographs, a tender love story unfolds between the three as they begin to thread together a new understanding of family.

Written by Lucia Frangione

Directed by Daryl Cloran


Ava is a widow and a Registered Massage Therapist, played by Anita Wittenberg.

Frankie is Ava’s daughter, played by Emma Tow.

Will is a travel photographer and the brother of Ava’s deceased husband, played by Brett Christopher.

The action takes place in an old farmhouse near Kamloops, BC. The story begins in the present day when Frankie is 14 years old and shifts to scenes from the past when she is 6 years old.


“In A Blue Moon is tender and touching and telling.” Broken Leg Reviews

“The family drama focuses on a young girl, her widowed mother and the uncle she doesn’t really know. Together, as the tender love story unfolds, the three go about “finding home in unexpected places” while living in a house near Kamloops… The production, directed by Daryl Cloran, stars the real-life mother-daughter duo of Anita Wittenberg (Ava) and Emma Tow (Frankie).”Surrey Now

“In a Blue Moon” Explores Family Dynamics -NorthShore News


Scenes from the show (video)

Real-life mother and daughter talk about playing mother and daughter in this video.

Interview with playwright, Lucia Frangione (video)

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