Kill Me Now

Described on Friday October 26 at 8 pm at the Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova Street | 604-689-0926 | Map

Tickets are $30 with a 2-for-1 discount for VocalEye users. Please call the Firehall Box Office at 604-680-0926 and mention “VocalEye 2-for-1”.

A pre-show Touch Tour of the set will begin at 7:15 pm. Please sign up for that when you purchase your tickets.

Running time is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, no intermission.

Described by Steph Kirkland

Written by Brad Fraser
Directed by Roy Surette

Jake is a single dad and cares for his teen son Joey, who has as a severe disability. Handling Joey’s puberty is hard enough, but when Jake develops a serious medical condition, he becomes the one to rely on the people around him. An ethical dilemma troubles the household as everyone is forced to consider the possibility of saying goodbye.

“This is not a play about disability. It is a play about courage and love.” -Brad Fraser, playwright

A Touchstone Theatre production


Jake Sturdy is about 40 years old.
His son Joey is 17 years old.
Jake’s sister Twyla is 29 years old.
Jake’s friend Robyn is in her 40’s.
Joey’s friend Rowdy is 18 years old.


“Sex and humour remain important parts of the texture of Kill Me Now, but its centre is an emotionally harrowing story of love and family that dares you not to cry. Roy Surette’s Touchstone Theatre production features some of the best acting you’ll ever see in theatrical scenarios that most of us have probably never seen… a heartfelt, pitch-perfect production of a play that pulls none of its powerful punches.” –Vancouver Sun

Kill Me Now tackles a lot of issues without ever becoming an Issue play. I barked with laughter countless times, and I had tears streaming down my face constantly for the last ten minutes. See this show.”David Johnston

“Kill Me Now is a play that makes you glad to be alive.”Jo Ledingham