Mary Poppins: the Broadway Musical

Described on Sunday December 18, 2016 at 2 pm at the Arts Club Stanley, 2750 Granville Street, Vancouver | 604-687-1644 | Map

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Described by Teri Snelgrove.

Everyone’s favourite nanny is back in this supercalifragilistic Arts Club production!


Mary Poppins is the prim, correct, magical, mysterious Nanny to the Banks children.
Bert is an acquaintance of Mary and possessed of a certain magical mystery himself.
George Banks is a banker driven and harried by his work.
Winifred Banks is George’s wife and a former actress turned housewife and mother.
Jane and Michael Banks are the two Banks children.
Mrs. Brill is the fiery cook of the Banks household.
Robinson Ay is the inept footman of the Banks household.
Miss Andrew is a more tyrannical nanny who briefly replaces Mary.


Mary Poppins is back and she’s kicking butt.” -Colin Thomas (2016)

Mary Poppins: The Broadway Musical practically oozes Christmas magic and delights with a charm that is sure to jump-start your holiday spirit… It’s just the spoonful of sugar that you need.” –VancouverPresents (2013)


Plot Synopsis
Song List
Director’s Notes
The Many Guises of Mary Poppins
Mary’s Creator, P. L. Travers

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