Saturday January 24, 2015 at 4 PM Surrey Arts Centre, 13750 88 Ave, Surrey, BC. 604-501-5566 | Map

Description by Rick.
Tickets for this Arts Club Touring production are $25 each for VocalEye users and a guest.
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“After thousands of reruns and re-plays, almost everyone on the planet knows The Odd Couple is about a soon-to-be divorced neat freak, Felix, who takes refuge in the home of an already divorced slob, Oscar, in New York City, and pretty soon they’re at each other’s throats, like a husband and wife.” – The Province

Neil Simon has for almost 50 years invigorated the stage with touching stories and zany characters, but possibly his greatest contribution has been the ability to create humour from the lives and troubles of everyday people. Of Simon, actor Jack Lemmon said, “Neil has the ability to write characters—even the leading characters that we’re supposed to root for—that are absolutely flawed. They have foibles. They have faults. But, they are human beings. They are not all bad or all good; they are people we know.”

Here’s what audiences had to say about the original Arts Club production:

“We may all be familiar with The Odd Couple premise, but the Arts Club production raises the bar to hilarious heights! We thoroughly enjoyed the performance, the energy, and comedic timing were first-class, with just a hint of poignancy. We’re recommending it to everyone we know who needs a good laugh (and who doesn’t?)” — Jan, Burnaby

“Masterfully cast, beautifully acted, and an absolute hoot. I’d forgotten what fun it was as a play, a film, and a TV series. Neil Simon would be proud” — Jean

“The show was fabulous! It brought back memories of hilarious characters that I had completely forgotten about. Such a great cast. I was telling my friend that Andrew McNee (played ‘Oscar’) reminded me of a comical Bradley Cooper! The best of the season for me” — Paula, Surrey

“Fun!!! Just pure laugh-out-loud fun!” — Sofia, Vancouver

By Neil Simon
An Arts Club Theatre Company production

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