Perv Hunters | Vancouver Fringe

Described on Sunday Sep 15, 2019 at 1:10 pm at the Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright Street, Vancouver | Map

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Running time is approximately 60 minutes.

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Described by Anika Vervecken

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Police officers and best friends McNally and Rick have one duty: catching pervs. When the notorious Butt Photocopy Pervert continues to elude them, McNally goes off the deep end, jeopardizing his friendship with Rick. Can McNally catch the butt photocopy pervert AND get his best friend back?

“Deeply odd and deeply entertaining.” –Tom Hill

Brief synopsis:

In a cold jail cell, McNally, a grizzled cop, tells his story to his annoying cellmate.

McNally met his best friend, Rick, on their first day at the police academy, when they are both recruited to a top-secret, elite organization called Perv Hunters. Flash forward to McNally and Rick during the heyday of perv hunting. They were rounding up perverts left and right. They were unstoppable, illustrated in a hilarious choreographed fight sequence montage with several well-known pervs and a perv interrogation.

There was one perv they couldn’t catch, though. Some sicko had been leaving photocopies of his butt around town, and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t crack the case.

Riddled with anguish over the elusive butt photocopy pervert, McNally goes rogue, infiltrating a flasher’s anonymous support group, Flasher’s Anonymous. He’s intent on outing the flashers’ past antics, but to his frustration, the ex-flashers are remorseful, repentant, and worse, take pity on McNally.

At a family dinner, McNally’s brother, a successful, selfless doctor, is praised by his parents, who are embarrassed and weirded out by McNally’s obsession with catching pervs. All McNally wants is to be a hero, like his brother.

They stake out a neighbourhood recently hit hard by the butt photocopy pervert, closely following a group of suspected pervs who have been trolling the neighbourhood for weeks. When the perv ring approaches a home, McNally and Rick stage an unwarranted break-in. McNally is certain that at least one of them is the notorious butt photocopy pervert. Does McNally catch the bum?