Described on Saturday March 17 at 8 pm and Saturday March 24 at 8 pm at Presentation House, 333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver | 604-990-3474 | Map

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Running time is 80 minutes, no intermission

Described by Eileen Barrett

We are always thrilled to partner with Realwheels, but especially so on this production, the first ever performed by an integrated cast, featuring two actors who live with a disability alongside two able-bodied actors. One of those performers is our very own Amy Amantea playing the role of Dr. Guzman, a research professor who is legally blind. Congratulations, Amy! We can’t wait to describe your performance and this exciting production!

Sequence, an award-winning thriller written by Canadian playwright (and eye surgeon) Arun Larka, explores the interplay between logic and metaphysics, science and faith, luck and probability, determinism and free will through two narratives that intertwine like a fragment of DNA.

A professor confronts a student who has defied probability by taking a multiple-choice exam, only to get every answer – 150 of them – wrong (the probability of achieving this result is one in a pentillion). Meanwhile, the “Luckiest Man Alive” – his status cemented by his uncanny ability to predict the winner of the Super Bowl coin toss for 20 years running – is confronted by a young woman who claims to know his secret.