Shakespeare in Love

Described on Sunday August 11, 2019 at 2 pm at Bard on the Beach, BMO MainStage, 1695 Whyte Avenue, Vanier Park, Vancouver | 604-739-0559 | Map

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Described by Eileen Barrett and Ingrid Turk 

Based on the screenplay by Mark Norman & Tom Stoppard
Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
Music by Paddy Cunneen
Directed by Daryl Cloran

Young Will Shakespeare has writer’s block. The deadline for his new play is looming and he’s in desperate need of inspiration. And then he finds his muse – Viola. She’s Will’s greatest admirer and will stop at nothing (including breaking the law) to appear in his next play. Will’s love for Viola quickly blossoms but their road to romance runs into plenty of complications, from nefarious schemers to overheated backstage theatrics. And then there’s the dog…

(The role of “Spot” will be played by Kingsley or PorkChop in alternating performances of Shakespeare in Love. Kingsley is a 6-year-old champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and PorkChop is a 5-year-old Jack Russell mix adopted from a shelter in Southern California.)

Shakespeare in Love is directed by Daryl Cloran, who directed last season’s record-breaking Beatles-infused smash-hit, As You Like It.


Will Shakespeare is a poet and playwright
Christopher “Kit” Marlowe is Will’s colleague, friend, and inspiration

Henslowe is owner and manager of the Rose Theatre
Fennyman is a wealthy Producer
Lambert and Frees are Fennyman’s accomplices and henchmen
Ralph is an actor who plays Nurse and Petruchio
Nol is an actor who plays Benvolio and Samson
Robin is an actor who plays Lady Capulet
Adam is an actor who plays Gregory, Benvolio, and Servingman
John Webster is a street urchin who aspires to be an actor
Wabash is a stammering actor and Henslowe’s tailor

Ned Alleyn is the lead actor of the Admiral’s Men, plays Mercutio
Sam is an actor who plays Juliet
Peter is an actor who plays Tybalt
Other Actors

Queen Elizabeth I
Edmund Tilney is The Lord Chamberlain
Mistress Quickly is wardrobe mistress

Burbage is the lead actor and owner of the Curtain Theatre
Burbage’s Two Heavies
Other Actors and The Dog, a trained animal that delights the Queen

Viola De Lesseps is Sir Robert’s daughter who disguises herself as Thomas Kent to audition to be an actor
Nurse is Viola’s loyal servant
Lord Wessex is a nobleman betrothed to Viola

Waiter, Barman and Tavern wenches


“Bard on the Beach’s second play of the summer is an exhilarating tour de force. The cast is enchanting and the direction superb, making for a heartwarming, life-affirming ode to love and art.” –The Georgia Straight

“Appealing to the funny bone, heart and brain, Shakespeare in Love’s love story explores gender politics, theatre history and — in serious comic fashion — the mystery of artistic creation itself: the funny, chaotic and miraculous ways a play is born.”Vancouver Sun


Shakespeare in Love – Storyline (Word doc)
Shakespeare in Love – Director’s Notes (Word doc)