The (Post) Mistress

Described on Monday January 30, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Kay Meek Centre, 1700 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver | 604-981-6335 | Map

The Arts Club on Tour in West Vancouver. 

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Running time: 2 hours and 10 minutes including one intermission.

Described by Eileen Barrett

Marie-Louise is an effervescent, charismatic postal worker in the fictional town of Lovely who seems to know everything about everyone–and is eager to share all the gossip with you, in 3 languages (English, French and Cree). A fun and quirky one-woman show, The (Post) Mistress is a uniquely Canadian cabaret full of music and charm.

Book and Lyrics by Tomson Highway
Directed by John Cooper


“Marie-Louise sorts the mail at a Canada Post outpost in Lovely – a fictional town in Northern Ontario near another fictional town with a giant penny called Complexity. (Highway lives part of the year near Sudbury, the obvious inspiration.) Afraid of flying, Marie-Louise has spent the 49 years of her life in the general vicinity. The farthest she’s ever travelled is to Ottawa. Instead, the world visits Marie-Louise – in the form of missives sent to the 1,000 residents of Lovely from glamorous places such as Brazil, Argentina, New Orleans and Toronto. She holds the envelopes up to the light, reads through their skins, and sings songs that channel the loves – passionate and unrequited, married and adulterous – spied within.” –The Globe and Mail

“…anyone who’s lived small-town rural life and who remembers how the expression ‘You’ve got mail!’ once meant receiving an actual paper envelope with a 6-cent stamp on it — not just a Ding! followed by cybertext on a ‘device’ — will surely relate to this engaging throwback to a recent kind of ‘once upon a time’.” –BrokenLegReviews