On Time

Wednesday April 24, 2024 at 6:30 pm Pacific Time

Almost Live episode #151

Highlights from Capture Photography Festival’s 2024 feature exhibition

On Time considers the ways in which contemporary lens-based artists have challenged the inextricably linked relationship between time and photography and the traditional notion that an image captures a single moment outside the temporal flow. Through their work, the artists in this exhibition ask questions around how photographs can be durational, provide context, and point to what happens before and after. How can practitioners collaborate with time or make time an ally in conveying their message? 

The artists in this exhibition weave the concept of time into their works: playing with its perception, making it malleable, and considering its relationship to memory. Throughout their work, they examine archives, bring together different points in history, and embed lived experiences, such as the passing of time. Ultimately, this exhibition asks: how can lens-based practices be used to investigate the myriad ways we experience time and deconstruct the meaning it holds? 

Join us for descriptive highlights of this exhibition and conversation with special guests.

Presented in partnership with Capture Photography Festival

Curators: Emmy Lee Wall, Capture Photography FestivalBooooooomChelsea Yuill, Capture Photography Festival

Artists: Sungseok AhnGabi DaoPendarvis HarshawBrandon TauszikAaron LeonAnthony LeporeDiane MeyerAlp PekerGonzalo Reyes Rodriguez

On Time is on view from April 1 to May 3, 2024 at Pendulum Gallery, 885 W Georgia Street, Vancouver

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