H. L. (Goodnight Desdemona, Victoria)

I loved the experience. I was pleased that the audio descriptions did not interrupt my enjoyment of the play but added to it. You really understand that it is not necessary to tell us stuff that is conveyed through dialogue. Nice!

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the touch tour. Being able to actually touch the clothing, props, books, masks, etc., really allowed me to further connect with the theatre experience. I was impressed with the sword and dagger. I want one of those swanky, swirly guards from the sword as an attachment to my white cane. Very stylish. What a bonus to meet the actors too. It added a whole new layer of comprehension to the experience. In the scene where you announced it was a mascarade ball, I just thought dancing. When I was able to feel the masks, it clicked that they wore those at the ball. I realize you said it was a mascarade ball but until I touched them, I hadn’t envisioned the scene that way. Everyone I spoke to afterwards was really impressed and plans to attend the next show and to promote it amongst other blind folks here in town.