M. N. (Henry and Alice: Into the Woods)

Thank you Steph and Ken for giving your time and talents to make this another enjoyable evening at the theatre for me. The venue as always, was friendly and accessible. The equipment worked perfectly… no static at all. I had the volume cranked to the max and because everyone was having such a good time, it was difficult to hear your description due to the laughter. I never would have known that Alice did a backward summersault out of the tent when she was stuck in the mummy sack, if it hadn’t been described to me. I do appreciate the Advance Description e-mail so that I can familiarize myself with the characters and set design. When Alice was setting up the campsite and getting out the cushions, tablecloth, etc. I remembered that it all matched and was elegantly set. There was a lot of dialogue during this performance as well as action and at times it must have been difficult for you to keep up. The advance description prepares me for that. I also enjoy listening to the live pre-show notes. Thank you again… I had a wonderful time.