P. C. (Les Misérables)

Last Sunday, I attended the subject production and almost dreaded going. Although I do have some peripheral vision it is not enough to enjoy or even understand most musicals and was aware that Les Miserables is complicated in so many ways if there is loss of vision.

I was aware that there was Vocal Eye and expected to make it much easier for me. I have seen two musicals in the U.S. and found the descriptions helpful but was surprised at how much better Vocal Eye is.

The ear piece is extremely comfortable compared to the head sets I wore before. The sound is very, very clear and the describer, Rick was excellent. Just enough description without interfering with the music. He narrated all the characters just before the curtain rose and during the performance, came in at the perfect time without interfering in any way.

I went with my daughter and would go again with or without someone and look forward to the next production with Vocal Eye.