disney’s THE LION KING is #1 with VocalEye users

VocalEye set a new record for highest attendance at our described performance of THE LION KING and, for the first time in five years, we completely SOLD OUT of our equipment!!

In fact, we had to double up a few receivers with headphone splitters to give new users a chance to listen to the description.

Big thanks go to all VocalEye users who attended, including the youth group from the CNIB; to Ingrid Turk for her inspired description; to Anika Vervecken and Donna Soares for their expert assistance at the equipment table; to the QE Theatre staff for their generous assistance; and to Leeanne Palmer, Alex Bleeker, DISNEY and Broadway Across Canada for making this outstanding production more accessible to people with vision loss.

Special thanks go to our community and individual donors, whose generous contributions this year have made it possible for VocalEye to establish a Ticket Access Program. Through this program, we were able to subsidize tickets for 19 VocalEye members to attend THE LION KING.

Thank you all for a spectacular evening!