Disney’s Newsies

Described on Friday July 26, 2019 at 8 pm at Theatre Under the Stars, 610 Pipeline Rd, Stanley Park | 604-734-1917 | Map

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Described by Steph Kirkland 

In 1899, New York City had its papers delivered by an army of ragged orphans and runaways called ‘newsies’. When newspaper owners raise distribution prices at the newsies’ expense, this band of misfits unites to strike against the unfair conditions. Inspired by actual events, Newsies is packed with non-stop thrills and a timeless message for the whole family.


The Newsies are a ragtag gang of ragamuffins who sell newspapers on the streets of New York City. It’s the summer of 1899.

Jack Kelly is the leader of the Manhattan Newsies, about 17 years old.
Crutchie is Jack’s best friend and a Newsie with a bum leg, about 15 years old.
Davey is a bookish, new Newsie, about 17 years old.
Les is Davey’s spunky little brother, about 10 years old.
Other Manhattan Newsies:
Henry, Finch, Splasher, Lil B, Elmer, Albert, Mike, Tommy Boy, Vinny, Mush, Race, Buttons, Specs, Jo Jo, Sniper, Romeo, Smalls and Jumper.
Spot Conlon is the leader of the Brooklyn Newsies.

Wiesel runs the World newspaper’s distribution window.
The Delancey brothers (Morris and Oscar) are tough guys who work at the distribution window.

Joseph Pulitzer is the powerful, no-nonsense publisher of the World.
Seitz is Pulitzer’s editor.
Bunsen is Pultizer’s bookkeeper.
Hannah is Pulitzer’s secretary.
Nunzio is Pulitzer’s barber.

Katherine Plumber is an ambitious young reporter.
Darcy is an upper-class son of a publisher.
Bill is the son of William Randolph Hearst.

Snyder is warden of The Refuge, a detention centre for juvenile delinquents.

Medda Larkin is a vaudeville star and owner of a small Burlesque theatre.
The 3 showgirls at the theatre are called the Bowery Beauties.

Other characters include:

Passersby, a trio of Nuns, deli owner, thugs, goons, guards, Policemen, the Mayor and Governor Teddy Roosevelt.


Newsies: the news is it’s frickin’ fantastic”Colin Thomas

“Based on the real-life newsboys’ strike of 1899, the newsboys create their own union to force Pulitzer to roll back the price. Their quest, at least as presented here, has far bigger implications though, as the musical casts a wider net on the real-world exploitation of child workers at the time. That it also addresses the changing role of women in a male-dominated world at the turn of the century, is a bonus. And while these themes are explored within the context of 120 years ago, it isn’t difficult to see parallels to society today where, ironically, companies like Disney themselves continue to take advantage of its young workforce, and women are still struggling for equality.”  –Vancouver Presents

Newsies is definitely one of the best shows TUTS has produced.”Jo Ledingham

“Theatre Under the Stars’ ambitious production isn’t quite flawless, but it does boast charming performances and some of the most epic and impressive dance numbers in the company’s history.”The Georgia Straight

“Director Julie Tomaino’s muscular, athletic choreography sends nearly two dozen young dancers leaping, spinning, flipping and tumbling across the stage in spectacular numbers that reveal as much about the spunk of these downtrodden orphan kids as their political resistance does.”Vancouver Sun

“You just might feel emboldened enough to ask your boss for a raise after you watch TUTS’ production of Disney’s Newsies.” Inside Vancouver


NEWSIES – Plot Synopsis (Word doc)

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