Good People

Described on Sunday April 17, 2016 at 2 PM at The Arts Club Stanley, 2750 Granville Street, Vancouver | 604-687-1644 | Map

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Running time is approximately 2 hours and fifteen minutes, including intermission.

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Described by Rick Waines.

Enter South Boston, where paychecks hardly make the rent and a night on the town means a few rounds of bingo. When Margie finds herself down on her luck, she looks up an old fling who is now a successful doctor in the hopes of finding a job—but things don’t go quite as planned. A shrewd, character-driven comedy with Margie at its centre, Good People asks why some people manage to escape from the situations into which they are born—and some don’t.

Written by David Lindsay-Abaire

Directed by Rachel Ditor


Margaret (“Margie” with a hard “g”) is about 50 years old and the single mother of a special-needs adult daughter. She works at the Dollar Store.
Stevie is the Manager of the Dollar Store and in his twenties.
Jean is Margie’s best friend, about 50 years old.
Dotti is Margie’s landlady, in her sixties.
Mike is an old boyfriend of Margaret’s, now a “reproductive endocrinologist” in his fifties.
Kate is an English professor and Mike’s much younger wife.

The action takes place in Boston’s South End (Southie) and in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Locations include the Alley Behind the Dollar Store, Margaret’s Kitchen, the Doctor’s Office, the Bingo Hall and a Living Room in Chestnut Hill.


“Go see Good People. With any luck, you’ll be talking about it so long that it will take you half an hour to get out of the theatre. That’s what happened to me.”The Georgia Straight

“Lindsay-Abaire’s script is sharply funny, but beneath the humour is the feeling of a slowly building anxiety dream, where pieces of your past come back to haunt you.”The Vancouver Sun


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