The Orchard (after Chekhov)

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Described by Anika Vervecken

By Sarena Parmar
Directed by Jovanni Sy

It’s Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard told through the lens of a Punjabi-Sikh family in the Okanagan Valley. With the bank calling and money low, will the Basrans be able to save their beloved orchard? Inspired by the playwright’s own childhood, this fresh adaptation confronts life, loss, and the Canadian immigrant experience with humour and beauty.

The action takes place at the Basran family orchard in the Okanagan during the summer of 1975.


Loveleen (also called Lallie and Lovely) is a South Asian woman in her 40s and the owner of the Basran family orchard, together with her brother.
Gurjit (or Gus) is Loveleen’s brother and co-owner of the family orchard.
Annie is Loveleen’s daughter, in her early 20s.
Barminder (or Barbra) is the niece of Loveleen and Gurjit, in her mid-20s.
Kesur is the father of Loveleen and Gurjit, in his 80s.
Michael Lopakhin is a Caucasian self-made business man and a longtime friend of the Basran family.
Peter is a South Asian man in his late 20s, who formerly worked as Griesha’s tutor. Yash is a South Asian man in his mid-20s and like a cousin to the Basran family.
Yebi is a Japanese handyman and fruit-picker.
Donna is a Japanese woman who works at the Basrans’ fruit stand.
Charlie is a First Nations woman in her 50s, employed as a fruit-picker.
Paul is a Caucasian neighbour and family friend of the Basrans.


THE ORCHARD – Plot Synopsis (Word doc)