Romeo and Juliet

Described on Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 2 pm at Bard on the Beach, MainStage, 1695 Whyte Avenue, Vanier Park, Vancouver | 604-739-0559 | Map

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Described by Steph Kirkland

Love at first meeting. Forbidden love. Two young people who fall deeply in love in spite of the bitter feud that divides their families. The story of Romeo and Juliet has been captivating audiences for centuries because it moves and inspires us even though it breaks our hearts. This classical, sensuous production is a salute to its timeless power.

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Kim Collier


House of Capulet:

Lord Capulet
Lady Capulet
Juliet is their only daughter, 13 years old
Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin
The Nurse attends Juliet
Peter is the personal servant to the Nurse
Gregory and Samson are Capulet servants

House of Montague:

Lord Montague
Lady Montague
Romeo is their son and heir, about 16 years old
Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin
Balthasar is Romeo’s servant and trusted friend
Abram is a servant to the Montagues

House of Escalus:

Prince Escalus is the Prince of Verona
Count Paris is the Prince’s kinsman
Mercutio is a cousin to the Prince and Count Paris and a friend to Romeo and Benvolio

Other Characters:

Friar Lawrence


“…an exquisite reimagining of Romeo and Juliet. Under the deft direction of Kim Collier, Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of young love set amid political strife becomes a sweet and powerful exploration of systemic violence within families and communities.” The Vancouver Sun

“Vancouver production of Romeo and Juliet sparkles with focus on youth.”The Globe and Mail

“…dazzling performances from Andrew Chown and Hailey Gillis as the star-crossed lovers.”Vancouver Presents


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