netflix adds description!

Fantastic news! Netflix (US and Canada) have added audio description to DAREDEVIL, a new series that features a blind superhero. Kudos to the many people who asked, lobbied and fought for this – and thank you, Netflix, for listening to them!

“Letters pop out from a white background, then turn red: Netflix.”

I streamed the first episode of Daredevil on my Mac with my Canadian Netflix subscription and found the described track listed as the second option in the Language menu, “English-Audio Description”.

Current Netflix subscribers may need to log out and log on again to access the descriptive track. Here are some access instructions from Blind Bargains.

Here is a link to the list of described movies and series currently available (you will be asked to sign in to your Netflix account first):

Read the original Netflix announcement here.

Netflix Makes a Blind Superhero Accessible to Blind Audiences, the Washington Post

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Please check back for updates…