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The musical about home, family, and finding where you belong.

“A singular new sensation” —The New York Times

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Check out the Vancouver Sun’s 5 Reasons to see In the Heights:

1) Music
2) Awards
3) Reviews
4) Local Talent
5) “It’s gonna explode.”

Plus, it’s described by Rick Waines, our newly bionic describer!

the Tony Award for best composer … was the perfect confirmation of In the Heights’ groundbreaker status as the cool hip-hop and salsa musical that would upend Broadway stalwarts and make theatre relevant to young people. And thanks to its setting in New York City’s Washington Heights neighbourhood, which is home to a predominantly Dominican-American population, In the Heights put stories and communities in the spotlight that had largely been missing from the stage.” –The Georgia Straight

People who love old school theatre are going to find things they love in this show. People who love hip-hop are going to find things they love in this show. People who love salsa and dance are going to find things in this show they love. It’s just so universal…. It’s all about the community.” -performer Luc Roderique in The Province

The opening number and title song is featured in this video.

The characters in this musical span three generations. Meet the actors playing the oldest and youngest characters in this video. (The actress Sharon Crandall is probably half the age of the beloved grandmother character she portrays!)

Meet two of the talented young leads (Luc Roderique who plays Usanavi and Elena Juatco who plays Vanessa) in this video.

The choreography is red hot in this show, thanks to choreographer, Lisa Stevens. Meet her in this video.

Find out more about the show in these Downloadable Word Docs:

Plot Synopsis


Song List

Program and Company Biographies

Glossary of Phrases Used in the Show

Los Barrios: Hispanic Enclaves in North America

New York City Musicals

VIDEO: About Vocaleye described events at the Arts Club